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 The Sequoia Saxophone Offline Shop

Nowadays, everyone can buy and sell online.
We propose a personalized service: you book an appointment, you  try the instruments, you base your decision on your real experience.

Some instruments are already available. You are welcome to try my own saxes: I can have any new Sequoia Saxophone in less than two weeks.

If you are interested in a baritone saxophone, I am happy to help organizing a trip to the Italian workshop, which is not far from Venice.

I usually keep some Pillinger soprano mouthpieces as well. I find his PJ model a great match for Sequoia.

More mouthpieces on request.



Pillinger PJ for Soprano 5* and 6

Pillinger ALTO £157.50 (normally £190)
– NYA/6*Mn SOLD!
– NYA 5* (similar to Meyer 5) SOLD! SL/5M Reproduction Meyer Bros 5 (lay copied from my original Meyer NY USA)

– Reproduction Meyer NY USA 5 (copy of my original piece) SOLD!
– Pillinger BRONZITE ALTO £175.50 (normally £210)


Pillinger TENORS £171 (normally £210)
– NYTB/7*W
– NYTB/7*JF7*
– Reproduction Early Babbitt JF7*
– Reproduction Early Babbitt 7*W SOLD
– reproduction Early Babbitt  9g (like my current piece)
NYTB are an evolution of my EB copy that I am currently playing. The other reproductions are from a different EB, with a smoother baffle altogether. Less edgy sounding, similar to the NYT




The unlacquered soprano model is my personal choice.

A great instrument, very enjoyable to play.

Wonderful flexibility and dynamic range.

(SOLD, available on request in 7 working days)

The K91 soprano has been developed with the classical musician in mind.

Stunning appearance, even and elegant sound.

(SOLD, available on request in 7 working days)











You can contact me HERE

Estimated prices in the UK (including UK delivery)

After the Brexit vote, exchange rate is changing dramatically, pushing prices up.

Please contact me for an accurate quote

Soprano un-lacquered £2090
Soprano lacquered K91 £2090
Alto un-lacquered £1800
Alto lacquered K85 £1800
Alto lacquered  £1450
Tenor un-lacquered £1920
Tenor lacquered £1750

youtube video

Some pictures of my own horns and some of the K91 soprano are

More informations on the official Sequoia website:

Some non studio recordings: (.aif and .wav files are heavier but better quality):





My album “twentysix three” has been recorded on Sequoia Lemon tenor and soprano.

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