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Individual pre-paid one hour saxophone or clarinet lesson.

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  1. 5 out of 5


    I first came in to contact with Aldevis Tibaldi via an online forum for saxophone players “Cafe Saxophone.com” We both joined about the same time and then became moderators around the same too. And there the similarity ends.
    Al has a lifetime of experience playing, composing and teaching. I started as a nervous totally musically inexperienced 47 year old. Al was always generous sharing his knowledge on the forum and as I found myself in London one weekend (I live near Manchester) I booked a lesson. Al promised it would be the most boring lesson of my life on tuning! It wasn’t. He has a unique way of teaching that doesn’t really feel like a formal lesson. For someone who has regular lessons with a good teacher it was an eye opener to spend time with Aldevis.
    He has a fantastic tone on soprano and I don’t. So as I again found myself in London I took the opportunity of a further lesson specifically to address the issues I have on my tone. We got to the bottom of it and I went away with some good advice and exercises to do. I went back today and a marked improvement was noted.
    Al is patient, knowledgeable and focussed. I would certainly have more lessons on a regular basis if we lived in the same city and I can recommend him as a tutor at any level of playing, especially for improvisation. I would also recommend him for one off lessons to address specific issues even if you have to travel.
    He makes great coffee and can recommend some good wines too, well he is Italian so only to be expected.

    Jx 

  2. 5 out of 5


    Full marks to Aldevis for his patience, knowledge and skill as a teacher. I am an enthusiastic amateur with lots of bad habits picked up over a number of years. I wanted to understand what my issues are and how to choose an effective practice regimen. I live out of town so I only had the chance of a single 1 hour lesson during a visit to London

    From the first scale, Aldevis identified issues which he gently helped me recognise and then proposed ways to rectify them. We covered intonation, harmonics and note stability and moved on to practice scales and chords. He identified and put into words the elements of my playing that have been bothering me, but I didnt know how to tackle. As said above, this did not feel like a formal lesson but more like a guided conversation which put me completely at my ease and covered a lot of ground in a short time

    I needed an appraisal of my bad habits and to be given a sense of direction for practice. Aldevis did all that, and more, armed with his keen ear, calm manner and precise knowledge. I can’t praise Aldevis highly enough for his approach. This hour is exceptional value for money

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