Dopo 14 anni di concerti e registrazioni in UK, e con un nuovo album all’attivo – “TwentySix-Three”, frutto di questa sua attuale esperienza, Aldevis Tibaldi torna a suonare nuovamente in Italia e per di piu’ nella sua citta’ natale, Trieste, il 4 luglio 2018 al Bastione Rotondo del Castello di San Giusto, a Trieste, nell’ambito del festival Trieste Loves Jazz.

Per l’occasione, avendo riunito quasi al completo la formazione del suo primo album del 1998 – “Refuso” – il concerto proporra’ composizioni che raccontano la sua trentennale carriera.Con Aldevis, suoneranno: Bruno Cesselli al piano,  Guido Zorn al basso (sostituisce Tavolazzi) e Piero Borri alla batteria.


Aldevis Tibaldi


Musicista nato a Trieste nella seconda metà del ventesimo secolo, vive a Londra dal 2004 dove ha collaborato con  Jake Vegas, Hot Orange Big Band, Jay Craig, Ian Pierce, Frank Griffith, Guillemots, Paloma Faith, his own sextet, Willie Garnett, Ray Gelato, Mitch Winehouse, Stan Reynolds, Ronnie Wood, Denmark Street Big Band, Ronnie King, Tatiana Okupnik, Krystyna Pronko, Julian Stewart-Lindsay, Roberto Pla, John Eacott’s Floodtide project…

Insegnante a Hampton Court House, Surrey. Visiting lecturer al Goldsmith College e alla  Westminster University.

Dopo gli studi classici al Conservatorio “G. Tartini” e dopo qualche esperienza come musicista teatrale, approda definitivamente al  jazz nel 1985.

Trasferitosi a Firenze nel 1990 si dedica a diversi generi musicali: musica etnica, rock, fusio, funky e inizia stabilmente la carriera di insegnamento. Fra le collaborazioni, Michael Allen Band, “Grand Wazoo Orchestra”, Leonardo Pieri  Stefano Bollani e altri.

Baritonista con la  OFP Orchestra S.Lazzaro in Bologna, diretta, fra gli altri, da Carla Bley, Steve Swallow, Steve Coleman and Bruno Tommaso. Collaborazioni con personaggi televisivi,  jingles  e contratti punitivi al Forte Village Resort in Sardegna.

Ha registrato, arrangiato, prodotto diversi lavori, compresi due album a nome suo, ottenendo ottimi consensi di critica. Il primo album, Refuso (Typo) venne pubblicato 1998.
Twentysix Three (2016) e stato citato fra i migliori album del 2016 da The Telegraph.

Nel 1995, Laurea in Scienze Politiche a Firenze. Sul serio.

Alcuni estratti dalle recensioni dell’ultimo album:


Twentysix Three is pretty ‘unputdownable’, both in terms of its solid reference to tradition and the consistent joie de vivre displayed in these varied, single-take performances.

Twentysix Three è quasi impossibile da smettere di ascoltare, sia per quanto riguarda i solidi riferimenti alla tradizione, sia per la costante gioia di vivere che traspare da queste variegate esecuzioni, registrate in diretta.
Adrian Pallant, March 2016


A well-balanced set that risks alienating no-one and attracting a diverse public within the field of jazz.

Un set ben bilanciato che non rischia di alienare nessuno, attraendo un pubblico diversificato, nell’ambito jazz

Tim Stenhouse, UK Vibe



Accomplished playing throughout from Trieste-born saxophonist Aldevis Tibaldi marks out TwentySix Three.

The album was done live in one take and the analogue equipment used in the recording gives it a vibrant feel. MC

Martin Chilton, The Telegraph: The best jazz albums of 2016 




Mostly comprising Tibaldi originals, with arrangements of Mingus, Monk, and Ellington tunes and the Italian standard Mi Piace, TwentySix Three showcases Tibaldi’s ability both to make a three-horn frontline sound almost orchestral and to produce his best work to a deadline.

Rob Adams, London Jazz News




Becoming more and more disillusioned by what is passed off as jazz these days a disc such as this gives me hope for the future. Imagine Mingus*, Monk** and Ellington***, composing and arranging today and you get an inkling of where this is at. Indeed, the three composers mentioned actually provide the only non-original compositions on the album,

the rest coming from the pen of leader Tibaldi.


…..and the result is nothing less than super satisfying.

Lance Liddle – bebop spoken here 




The playing is excellent throughout and Tibaldi’s original compositions embrace an impressive range of jazz styles. The covers are well chosen and are given interesting and rewarding interpretations.

In any event it’s a fine and unexpectedly enjoyable album. One would imagine that this sextet would be a pretty impressive live attraction too.

Ian Mann




“Now that I’ve heard him, I am a fan”

Jamie Cullum BBC Radio 2




“An olive in the martini”

Stephen Duffy, The Jazz House – BBC Radio Scotland




Italian sax master Aldevis Tibaldi guides the London Jazz Ensemble through six of his compositions, with all the players slipping easily between styles old and new on a genial, quietly complex outing that makes virtuosity easy and approachable.

The Art Desk. (February 2016)



Some comments from selected listeners:


“I real like your disc. Very musically informed and it’s so good to hear fine timbres; the

soprano sounds like a sax. Not some whiney cor anglais.”

Anthony Coe


“With my husband we like it: it has been playing in the kitchen”

Prof. Stras



“Thanks  a million for the CD – Really enjoying it – brilliant stuff. I’ve had it on a loop in the workshop all day today!

Which mouthpieces are you using – great sound?”

Ed Pillinger



“I have listened to your disc a few times in the shop and I like it a lot.It really has a great feeling to it, and it reminds my of certain Mingus works in many ways.Thanks so much for sending it. You sound beautiful, especially your Sequoia soprano!It will be on my listening rotation for a while now.”
Joe Giardullo
“jazzista con quelli che non esito a definire controcoglioni”

Paolo Longarini


“Been playing it in my cab, had a passenger on Wednesday night who paid a compliment “nice tunes driver, enjoyed my journey home” ! ”




“Gentle, sensitive, cool with unexpected twists and turns”




“My father opened it and listened to it. You’ve got one more fan in Greece.”




“You are fast becoming my favorite tenor player! I love the variety of sounds that you have in your tonal palette. I am really going to enjoy this album.”




“Oh boy there are some pretty special tracks on this album. ”




“Wish I could play as well as you. Musically and sound concept, we’re a long way apart, but that’s no bad thing.”


Someone had me worried about this idéa that, in contemporary music, the traditional sound of jazz, had reached its potential, and that trying to create something new in that idiom would simply end up being repetitive.

I’m ecstatic and relieved to say, that ‘Twenty Six Three’, proved that theory very wrong.



“Buy it now!”

Pete Thomas



Aldevis Tibaldi London Jazz Ensemble, “Twentysix three”- Galetone 2015

Aldevis Tibaldi 4tet, “Refuso” –  Silence 1998

In studio sessions:

The Ponces, ” Song for hope about despair” – Sub Ver Siv 2015

Guillemots, “Red” – Universal 2008

Jake Vegas, “Crack went the bat against…”  –  Black Gardenia Records 2008

Mondo Candido,  “Bizarre”  – Varese Sarabande 2007

Fantomatik Orchestra, “Pirati”  – Fantomatik 2004

Marco Parente, “L’attuale jungla” –  Mescal, Sony 2004

Giacomo Castellano, “Cutting Bridges”    – Music Academy 2004

Massimo Altomare, “Sounds of Humour”    – Mellophonium Multimedia  2004

Marco Lamioni, “Slow” (produced by Hector Zazou)   – Silence 2003

Never say never, Compil. “Chill Out mania vol.2”  – Sony   2002

Surepleasure, “A great love”, Unlimited 14  – Irma   2002

Surepleasure, “Jazz House Independent”, Unlimited 11  – Irma   2002

VVAA, “Intimate Mambo”    – Empresa, Irma  2002

Bini+Martini, “Burning up” –  Ocean  2001

Marco Lamioni, “Frank you thank” compilation   – pdb 1999

Tango Fernandez, “L’anonima Roylcott” – Plastic 1999

Marco Lamioni, “L’estate insuperabile” –  Silence 1998

Jubilee Shouters, “Black and Blue” – Ishtar  1998

Funkareem, “No sense” – Plastic  1998

Brazil, “Brazil” – Contempo 1992